VT® gauges

VT® EASY > EN 1090-2:EXC4


66,94 (HT)


VT®EASY has been specifically designed for fillet weld assemblies. It is an essential tool for all quality welders and site inspectors.


  • VT® Gauge type 01 for a=5mm ref. 01.B.05
  • VT® Gauge type 01 for a=6mm ref. 01.B.06
  • VT® Gauge type 02 for b=7;8;9mm ref. 02.B.03
  • VT® Gauge type 02 for b=10;11;12mm ref. 02.B.04
  • Identification plate
  • Assembly chain
  • Storage box

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Guy Lardinois SPRL Company

VT© gauges provide significant benefits for welders by reducing training needs. The approach is highly practical and easy to comprehend. The gauges offer excellent value-addition to welding processes. It is a precise and efficient solution.

There's no need to comply with elaborate standards or conduct complex calculations for visual weld quality control. For instance, for craters, visual inspection is now immediately possible without any calculations. The VT© gauge and a flashlight are all that is required to handle any welding situation. By saving an enormous amount of time and ensuring precision, VT© gauges provide a valuable addition to the welder's toolkit. Training requirements are minimized. The approach is highly pragmatic, and it is straightforward to determine the appropriate gauge with the help of available visual aids.  

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