VT® gauges are the solution for a quick, simple, and precise visual inspection of weld seams

VT® gauges now allow for a very rapid and efficient visual quality control of weld seams, resulting in a reliable and continuous outcome during the welding work. Their use is simple and accessible for all examiner profiles.

How to execute the visual inspection of welds with VT® gauges?

VT® gauges facilitate a very straightforward and swift visual inspection of weld seams, providing immediate and dependable results. The quality control of the welds is easily achievable.

The visual inspection procedure for welds is highly simplified compared to conventional tools. The visual inspection is carried out in only 3 steps (instead of five with classical tools):

Step 1

Review instructions

Review the work instruction to execute the visual inspection of the weld

The instruction is very straightforward and reads like a comic strip, very visual

The instruction only contains a few pages, so it’s quick to read and to grasp

The principle of the highly simplified VT® Gauge: no measurements taking, no calculations, no standard manipulation

Step 2

Application of the VT® gauge

The examiner has a kit of VT® gauges, very compact and ergonomic to check the weld seam

The kit is very compact, so the examiner can always have it with them

The VT® gauge is very reliable because it contains no moving parts

The VT® gauge is made of stainless steel

Step 3

Immediate validation

The acceptance or rejection of the weld defect is instant

The time-saving is enormous

All this is achieved without standards, without calculations, and without measurements

How to Choose Your VT® Gauge Kit?

VT® gauges are available for purchase as kits or individually. Initially, it is necessary to understand the quality standard for welding in place. Then, the choice of kit will depend on the skill level and type of welded assembly.

EWG offers the following kits:


The VT® TOTAL kits are the most comprehensive sets. Paired with their instruction manual, they are essential tools for the simple and accurate execution of visual testing for all types of welded assemblies. They can be used by any examiner, whether they are engineers, technologists, welding coordinators, experienced welders, or even architects or quality managers. The VT® TOTAL kits will allow for the standardized visual inspection of weld seams with ease.

View VT® TOTAL kits


The VT® EASY kits have been designed to simplify the visual inspection task as much as possible, firstly by selecting the most common industrial applications (fillet weld assemblies – FW) and secondly by resolving the issue of short defects. Paired with their instruction manual, they are indispensable tools in the workshop or on site for quality welders, architects, or other examiners. They will enable the most straightforward possible standardized visual inspection of weld seams.

View VT® EASY kits

VT® BASE and Individually

EWG also offers the VT® BASE kits and individual VT® gauges.

View VT® BASE kits View individual VT® gauges

Download an Instruction Manual for Using VT® Gauges

EWG provides simplified work instructions with VT® gauges, similar to comic strips. There is an instruction manual adapted to each quality standard of welding work.

User testimonials

The VT® gauge principle is GO or NOGO. Measurements, calculations, and manipulation of standards are not involved.

Guy Lardinois SPRL Company

VT© gauges provide significant benefits for welders by reducing training needs. The approach is highly practical and easy to comprehend. The gauges offer excellent value-addition to welding processes. It is a precise and efficient solution.

There's no need to comply with elaborate standards or conduct complex calculations for visual weld quality control. For instance, for craters, visual inspection is now immediately possible without any calculations. The VT© gauge and a flashlight are all that is required to handle any welding situation. By saving an enormous amount of time and ensuring precision, VT© gauges provide a valuable addition to the welder's toolkit. Training requirements are minimized. The approach is highly pragmatic, and it is straightforward to determine the appropriate gauge with the help of available visual aids.  

10 / 10

Institut Belge de la Soudure (IBS)

The use of VT© gauges enables visual inspection by non-experts. They are suitable for all types of welding profiles and are cost-effective.

VT© gauges facilitate a visual inspection without requiring an engineering background or extensive consultation of data tables.   This allows for a visual inspection to be conducted in accordance with the welding standard without the need for advanced technical skills.This streamlined inspection process is quick and efficient, eliminating past difficulties with visual inspections. Now, anyone can perform a visual quality control of welds without requiring engineering expertise. It is accessible to individuals across all professions and at an affordable price point.

10 / 10


The new generation of VT© weld inspection gauges is very easy to use and highly accurate. Our trainees show great interest. We use ultra-modern, state-of-the-art equipment

Industry has a chronic shortage of boilermakers and pipe fitters. For boilermaking, the TechnoCampus assembly site is the only training operator to offer short or long courses for the entire Walloon Region. Each instructor at the assemblage site has his or her own complete VT Total kit. Instructors demonstrate the handling of the calibers to trainees and companies, both as part of our teaching and continuing training courses. We also organize information days with the guidance of the IBS (Belgian Welding Institute). We use gauges for all approvals. Thanks to the combination of the new generation VT© gauge and the ultra-simple instruction manual, our instructors can certify to EN 1090-2 very efficiently. The new generation VT© gauge for weld inspection is very easy to use and highly accurate. Our trainees show great interest. We use ultra-modern, state-of-the-art equipment, including welding simulators.

10 / 10