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In the demanding world of welding, Visual Testing VT© gauges stand as essential metrological instruments to ensure the quality of welded assemblies. They enable inspector to perform precise visual inspections, identifying any imperfections that could undermine the structural integrity of welded constructions.

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The ISO 5817 standard serves as the foundational benchmark for welding quality criteria. It establishes acceptable defect thresholds based on nature and size, and specifies permissible quality levels for various welding classes. The utilization of VT© gauges, parametered in accordance with this standard, is crucial to ensure an objective and standardized assessment of weld quality.

Therefore, the alignment of VT© gauges with the specifications of ISO 5817 is an absolute necessity for welding operators. This assures strict compliance with quality standards while enhancing the safety of welded structures. Adherence to these norms ensures not only the performance of the assemblies but also their longevity.

For welding professionals, employing VT©gauges compliant with ISO 5817 is not merely a technical recommendation; it is a fundamental requirement for achieving reliable welds and ensuring uncompromised quality.

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