VT® gauges

VT® SINGLE 02 > ISO 5817:B > EN 1090-2:EXC3 & EXC4

VT® Total SKU: 02.B

27,45 (HT)


This VT® gauge type 02 allows for the control of imperfections 502, 503. There are several sizes depending on the width (b).

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Institut Belge de la Soudure (IBS)

The use of VT© gauges enables visual inspection by non-experts. They are suitable for all types of welding profiles and are cost-effective.

VT© gauges facilitate a visual inspection without requiring an engineering background or extensive consultation of data tables.   This allows for a visual inspection to be conducted in accordance with the welding standard without the need for advanced technical skills.This streamlined inspection process is quick and efficient, eliminating past difficulties with visual inspections. Now, anyone can perform a visual quality control of welds without requiring engineering expertise. It is accessible to individuals across all professions and at an affordable price point.

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